Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, MINDTOOL Entertainment Inc. is dedicated to the development, production and post-production of short films and low budget feature films. Our business strategy is about creating good stories, involving and surrounding our self with movie moguls and acute business mentors to help thread together a business that can be very rewarding for the creative team involved and very profitable for investors participating.

To date, Mindtool Entertainment has produced a web series called Smokleore, a short film called the Arrangement, a sci-fi/action short Mr.Sumbody and currently they're in production on a Zombie short film called LadyZ.

Trevor Mirosh has over twenty years experience in film and Television as an editor. He began his career as an assistant editor working on such television shows such as "Lonesome Dove", MGM's Poltergeist and Hollywood features such as "The Final Cut" starring Robin Williams and "Scary Movie 3".

On "The Final Cut" Trevor was mentored by long time film editor Dede Allen who was known for films such as Bonnie and Clyde, Dog day afternoon, The Breakfast club, Wonder boys and many more. Trevor was great full to work with her, learn from her and know her. Today, Trevor is a leading action editor who has completed movies and television with action stars such as Wesley Snipes, Steven Seagal and Steve Austin to name a few. His fast paced directing style combined with his fasted paced editing style and focus on story leads Trevor to bigger film projects as a premier action editor/Director.

Trevor enjoys being a father, editing movies, creating television series concepts and directing short films in the crime - thriller and sci-fi - horror genre.